Solar Air Conditioning Options

1. Photovoltaics A Hybrid Solar Thermal Air Conditioning SystemA Hybrid Solar Thermal Air Conditioning System
2.Absorption: NH3/H2O or Ammonia/Water
3.Absorption: Water/Lithium Bromide
4. Absorption: Water/Lithium Chloride
5. Adsorption: Water/Silica Gel
6. Adsorption: Activated Carbon/Methanol
7. Open Loop Sorption, Solid Desiccant
8. Open Loop Sorption, Liquid Desiccant
9. Rankine Thermal Heat Pump, Heat Engine
10.Steam Jet Heat Engine
11. Hybrid or Solar Assisted Air Conditioning

See Solar Powered Air Conditioning for more information
Plans are to install some type of experimental or practical office air cooling that is powered or assisted by energy from the thermal solar system.