Tennessee Clean Energy Technology Grant Program

1. ________________________________________ requests permission to incur costs for contract activities for the ______________________ project prior to the award of a state contract under the Tennessee Clean Energy Technology Grant Program (TN-CET). The estimated costs for the total project will be ______________________ for which a TN-CET grant will be requested. The remaining ________________ will be paid for by the applicant.
2. I acknowledge that all TN-CET grant activities must be conducted according to any local building code permitting and inspection requirements and contractor licensing requirements in force in the community where the project is located.
3. I acknowledge that significant delays may occur in the application review and approval process and in the preparation and execution of the state contract which is the granting instrument, and I certify that ____________________________________________ has sufficient funds available, or will secure such funds from non-state sources, to pay all costs that may be incurred prior to the execution of the contract. I further certify that _____________________________ will not submit invoices to the state for payment until the TN-CET contract has been executed, after approval by the Loan & Grant Committee.
4. I acknowledge that this permission to incur costs will expire 90 days after its effective date unless a complete TN-CET grant application has been received in the Grants and Loans Division of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.
5. I acknowledge that approval of permission to incur costs prior to grant award is not to be construed as approval of the grant, that this permission merely makes it possible for costs to be incurred for a grant that may be approved at a later date, and that it is possible the grant will never be awarded or may be awarded for a lesser amount than requested.

The above cited acknowledgments and certifications are made this __________ day of _________________, 20____ by _______________________________________ in my official capacity as ______________________________ of ___________________________________.